Go Figure

A Portfolio of my Work




Light, composition, expression of line, rhythm of shapes, color and correctness of information are significant components in all of my paintings and drawings.  

Working from life is also important. It gives me that extra dimension and involvement with the subject matter, be it flowers, shells or the human form. Studies of the human figure are very inspiring. What interests me most is the energy projected from the random poses of the models, especially in group figure drawing sessions.

 I tend to work in series, using a different subject matter each time. I work both in oil and acrylic. For drawing, I use willow charcoal, conte and pastel, and sometimes add paint. Willow charcoal is the most versatile medium; and it is the oldest drawing implement. I prefer to work on colored paper for my figure drawings, as this gives me a middle ground.

 I began my art education in The Netherlands where I completed a Fine Arts Teaching Degree. My studies included anatomy, drawing, composition and art history.

After emigrating to Canada, I continued my art studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta where I majored in painting.

Now residing in Nanaimo, BC, I continue an active artistic practice. I have exhibited in Western Canada (Alberta and British Columbia), Europe and Asia and my art work is in several collections around the globe.


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